What is Burstable RAM? To stop shared resources slowing down response times, we now offer burstable RAM. You get a... Accessing my Virtual Server Access of your Virtual Server will vary depending on the OS and software you are using. Please... Am i provided with root access for the Virtual Server? Yes. For Linux Virtual Servers you will be provided with Super User/root privileges. For Windows... Do you supply spam filtering? LNS Web Hosting provides Standard Email Protection with all Virtual Server plans. Standard... How do I upgrade my Virtual Server? Almost all possible upgrades to your account can be made instantly through your 'Account... Is my Virtual Server backed up? We maintain an automatic backup process for the servers on our network which is accessible... Plesk and Linux Managed VPS features You don't need extensive knowledge of maintaining, managing and securing your virtual private... Setting up my Virtual Server? Once you have made selections of one of our Plans, OS, addons etc. Your... Virtual Servers vs. Web Hosting A virtual server compared to a shared web hosting service provides you with more flexibility,... What is the bandwidth and speed of my Virtual Server? All Virtual Servers include UNLIMITED bandwidth (Monthly Data Transfer) so no more worrying about... What operating systems are supported?  The server will be preconfigured with any of the following operating systems:Windows... Where are the servers located? Our data centres are located in the Perth CBD and Sydney CBD.
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